'Self Built' DVD reviews

"Watched the dvd when I got in last night. It was very good and well worth the money. Jon's routine from the worlds is on there... Pure class."

- Andrew Thornton

"Watched a bit of it yesterday with my bro and his mate, looked really good, cant wait to watch the rest tonight. Saw the routine Jon, you looked amazing at the worlds mate, a true idol to me and my brothers. Thanks for putting the time and effort in for making it."

- Kieron Thornton

"I bought my copy at the show on Sunday and was brave enough to ask Jon to sign it too. I started to watch it late last night and watched the first part again this morning. It is FANtastic and very motivational. I was watching Jon's leg workout on prep for my leg workout this evening with my 11 year old son. Whilst he was getting ready for school he was making Jon Harris grunting noises! Good Job Jon, I have not watched it all yet, want to save each piece to watch before each workout!"

- Justin Johnson

"Just watched back & chest, well strong pal. Even the weights were sweating! I liked the variation on the bent over rows, I must try that. Watch legs later."

- Tony Montalbano, NPA Pro-Am Champion, Musclemania World Champion

"Just had my first look at the DVD last night and have to say that I was really impressed with the way it has turned out and every aspect of the production. Having spoken to Jon a good bit about it over the last few months, I knew the quality was going to be good, but it has really surpassed all my expectations and I would really recommend it to anyone who is thinking about buying a copy."

- Campbell Brogan, BNBF Scottish Champion

"Just watched the dvd... AMAZING! After reading Pro Natural I had to get this dvd and I'm really impressed with it. It's what I would describe as simple and very effective, the training was hard and simple with a good amount of tips and points to help, and a few variations of exercises to help as well. The nutrition part is good as well, the footage from the worlds is amazing! Really inspirational, thanks for the speedy delivery. Nice going Jon!"

- Ben Howard

"Finished watching it yesterday. It is a good, no nonsense dvd that actually explains why exercises are done and the form that should be used unlike many other training dvd's which are just footage of training with little or no commentary. Jon trains in a low volume to failure fashion with good form in all exercises. There are some good variations and different exercises on there, but if you want to know more then buy the dvd."

- Jon Bibb, NPA British Champion

"Just got the DVD and watched it right through in one sitting. Would highly recommend it to anyone dithering about getting it. 20 for a what is effectively a Personal Training session from a World Champion must be the best bargain to be had right now. I've been slacking off for a while and this was just what I needed to get me back in the gym - and now I know what intense really means!!"

- Derek Gruender

"Getting the fundamentals right in training should be the foundation behind anyone's training, before going onto more elaborate styles. I know this is what I primarily correct when with clients, and so having this on dvd which you can relate to at any time is a steal. That's half the price it would cost you with a good personal trainer. It's a steal, it's a deal, it's the bloody sale of the century (to quote lock stock and 2 smoking barrels)."

- Lee Williams, Natural Pro Bodybuilder and EFBB British Champion