Part 1 interview with Jon Harris before the 2006 WNBF Worlds
By Justin Johnson

We managed to hook up with UK based Pro Natural Bodybuilder Jon Harris before he leaves to contend in the WNBF World Championships in New York City, USA this weekend. Read how Jon is in the shape of his life and bigger and more determined than ever!

JJ: Coming second twice at the WBNF, what does the possibility of a win mean to you and has your preparation changed at all?

JH: I would love to win but at this level I have to be realistic as there are so many great guys competing. My main aim is to improve from 2004 and come in a little bigger, sharper and more balanced, and then leave the rest to the judges. Regarding prep, I have had less body fat to lose this time round and actually gained muscle whilst dieting. As a result I stayed at around my target weight of 12 stones pretty much right throughout the diet, getting bigger and leaner at the same time.

JJ: How much of your success is owed to the support of your wife and family?

JH: My wife is great. She is my biggest supporter and my harshest critic. She tells me what I need to do to improve in no uncertain terms. At the same time she knows how, as bodybuilders, we need a little space when buckling down for a competition. Sandra is my rock and without her I would find it very hard to keep a balanced approach to bodybuilding. My family respect what I do very much. Since I've been involved in the sport for so many years they are used to what I have to go through.

JJ: Will you have any goals left if you take this title? What are your next steps in Bodybuilding?

JH: I can only really focus on one goal at a time. Right now the battle to become WNBF world champion is what I've set my sights on. If I am fortunate enough to achieve that goal then I see no immediate reason to retire, although I donít think there is a higher pinnacle for a natural bodybuilder, unless of course you consider taking on athletes in the non-tested federations. However, that's a whole different kettle of fish.

JJ: When did you start bodybuilding and what was your inspiration?

JH: I started lifting at the age of 12. Back then I was inspired by an image of Arnold in the Guinness book of Records, described as the most perfectly developed man in history. I think purely because I can remember it so vividly, it must have set the seed for me to start training.

JJ: What do you consider to be your biggest strengths?

JH: Focussed, optimistic, goal driven, creative sometimes.

JJ: How long does your entire contest prep take and how has that developed and changed over the years (additional training, cardio, posing routine practice etc)?

JH: I can get in shape in 10 weeks if my off season has been reasonably clean. In the past it's taken longer but that's because I let myself get too heavy. This year I've changed things up and increased training frequency. I've been in the gym 6 days a week, compared to 3 or 4 in past years. I seem to do less cardio each year. The leaner you stay off season and the more weights you do, the less CV you need to dial it in. CV is a useful tool but I donít do it unless I have to, because quite honestly, other than going out for a brisk walk I find it mind-numbingly boring!

JJ: You have released a book 'Pro Natural' do you have plans for another?

JH: Yes, I think since the first release of Pro Natural my views have changed sufficiently to warrant a second book. That's not to undermine the content of Pro Natural; I firmly believe there is a lot of content in there that is bedrock for the natural bodybuilder. It's just that over the last few years I have refined my approach even further and become a little more scientific. This is the angle I would follow for a sequel. But I have a training DVD to release before that!

JJ: What other interests outside of Bodybuilding do you have?

JH: I love DIY and renovating my house. I like getting my hands dirty and building stuff. I'm generally a stay at home kind of guy although I do enjoy eating out with my family and friends when I can.

Quick fire questions:

JJ: Fish and chips or Ice Cream?

JH: Ice Cream

JJ: Football or Rugby?

JH: Neither!

JJ: Porsche or Bentley?

JH: Porsche

JJ: Keira Knightley or Angelina Jolie?

JH: Angelina Jolie

JJ: Sunshine holiday or skiing?

JH: Sunshine

JJ: Car or Train?

JH: I'd love to take the train more often but it has to be the car.

JJ: Cinema or Theatre?

JH: Cinema

JJ: I would like to wish Jon the best of luck. Bring it home Jon!